Mesotherapy Treatment for Pigmentation in Jaipur

Get Jaipur’s Best Mesotherapy Treatment for Hyper Pigmentation in Skinaa Clinic.

Mesotherapy in Jaipur: One of the Best Treatments in Skinaa Clinic

So What is Mesotherapy Treatment for Hyperpigmentation? Why is it used and what are its benefits? Let’s read:

As we grow older, our intelligence also grows with us and so do our social, financial, and intellectual understanding of life. However, our beauty doesn’t keep up and our skin starts to lose its glow, evenness, young-factor and becomes dull and wrinkly. Often times, a good look is associated with enhanced confidence and opportunities the life presents before us. Mesotherapy is one of the best treatments that can help remove your wrinkles, aging signs, and dark shade of your face skin.

Mesotherapy rejuvenates the skin very effectively and overall reduces the aging signs making your look more beautiful and younger. The process of mesotherapy goes by injecting Hyaluronic Acid in the middle layer of a patient skin through a micro-needling process. When the Hyaluronic Acid reaches in your skin, it stimulates collagen, metabolism, and elastin of it which makes it fresh and rejuvenated.

What Would be the Cost of Mesotherapy Treatment for Pigmentation?

The cost of mesotherapy for pigmentation may vary in Jaipur from clinic to clinic. But we ensure you the highest quality treatment at the most affordable prices. Many Indian celebrities have chosen Skinaa for their pigmentation treatment. Even though being very popular, we keep our costs very low to suit the pocket of the common man.

Short Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatment Only Takes 30 Minutes of Your Time

Professional Staff

Our Dermatologists and Staff are Extremely Trained


It is a Completely Safe Procedure, Our Staff will Take Care of You Well

Quick Results

Bright, Beautiful, Young, and Healthy Skin with Reduced Signs of Aging


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FAQs (Mesotherapy for Hyper Pigmentation)

Which problems can be cured with the mesotherapy treatment?

Ans: Apart from the hyperpigmentation (melasma) on the skin, the mesotherapy treatment can be used for hair loss, skin rejuvenation, and acne or facial scars.

How much time does it take to carry out the complete procedure?

Ans: Approx. 30 Mins. The mesotherapy procedure for melasma is really fast. However, how many sessions you require will be based on your consultation with a skin specialist at Skinaa Clinic.

What are pre-treatment instructions for mesotherapy for the hair?

Ans: The patient will be suggested to avoid certain medicines such as aspirin and vitamins a few days before the treatment.

What are the post-treatment instructions for mesotherapy treatment for the face?

Ans: One good thing about the mesotherapy treatment is there will be no recovery period. You can just wake up the next day and join your workplace. However, if the patient feels any kind of discomfort, inflammation, or burning sensation, he/she can use the medicines and lotions as prescribed by the dermatologist at Skinaa Clinic.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem,
their conditions were significantly improved.


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