Blister Graphting Treatment for Vitiligo in Jaipur

Skinaa Clinic offers the best white spots blister grafting treatment in Jaipur

Blister Graphting Treatment for White Spots

When Blister Grafting Technique can give transformatory results, why suffer from alienation?

Vitiligo is an acquired skin disorder characterized by patchy depigmentation of the skin. Suction Blister Grafting Treatment for Vitiligo is convenient, cost-effective and less time consuming. A pure epidermal graft results in an excellent colour match. The pigment spreads from the graft to the surrounding area upto 46% and maximum pigmentation occurs within 3-4 months without leaving any scar.

Epidermal Blister Grafting involves the formation of epidermal blisters by application of a negative pressure to the normally pigmented skin. Excellent blisters form in 2-3 hours time. Time required for separation is 45 minutes to 2 hours. After blister formation, the depigmented epithelium is removed, blisters are cut all along their border with curved iris scissors and the roofs of the pigmented donor blisters are transplanted to the denuded lesional areas. After surgery, a 7 day course of antibiotic is given, and the patient is advised to keep the site immobilized for a week. Come over at Skinaa Clinic, the best Vitiligo Treatment Center in Jaipur for an assiduous curing of a disease which threatens your quality of life.


More Info About Vitiligo Treatment by Blister Grafting

Even though Vitiligo is a common autoimmune disease, it is seen as taboo in our society. As a result, the patients suffering from it suffer from several shameful moments. This disease truly has a very extreme psychological impact on the patients. And when all the medical methods fail, surgical treatments become a necessity. Blister grafting is a surgical method that promotes the natural color of skin in the vitiligo-affected area on a patient’s skin.


Ninety percent of patients’ grafted skin shows early signs of pigmentation.


The treatment is quite affordable even for a layman.

Less Time Consuming

The surgery is completed in one session.

Enhanced appearance

The technique assures an improved skin tone and appearance.

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FAQs (Vitiligo Treatment by Blister Grafting)

How Much Time the Blister Grafting Treatment Take?

This treatment can take anywhere from 2 hours to several hours. It completely depends on the size of the patient’s vitiligo spot and also the number of grafts. For bigger spots and where more grafts are required, this treatment takes more time.

Can I Take This Treatment Even If My Vitiligo is Unstable?

Blister grafting treatment is a perfect solution whether your vitiligo is stable. For unstable vitiligo, the patient needs to take medication treatment to make it stable.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Yes, the blister grafting treatment is 100% safe. There are usually no side effects. An expert derma surgeon will handle your surgery.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem,
their conditions were significantly improved.


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